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Welcome to Incan(tm)
Incan offers a range of beverage pouches for your fine carbonated drinks.
Additionally, we offer a range of sealers, tapes, portion controllers and packaging equipment parts.
If you would like a custom container for your beverage, we would be glad to put a bid together.  Custom containers may have several options such as:
1) Labeling

2) Custom size

3) Custom color

4) Custom Shape

5) Spouts

6) Pressure release valves

Tell us how creative you want to be!



Specialized Beverage Pouches
We carry three sizes in stock:  16 ounce, 22 ounce and 64 ounce pouches.
Ask about quantity discounts

Sealing systems
Incan brew-pouches use a special sealer to contain the pressure of carbonated beverages. 
This "Double Impulse" sealer has heating elements on both sides of the unit, compressing the substrate in heat.  This system is most effective.
Sealers range in price and size from $250-$800.   Call us for a quote today!
Top seal is in addition to zip lock resealer
16oz, 22oz, 64oz or Custom cut to your specifications

Packaging Assistance


From concept through cash flow
our team can help your brand find a place on the shelf. 
Custom packaging is our specialty.
Thinking of trying something new?
Call for a quote today

907-441-3333 or



Incan Gold Medal Brew-pouches.

In addition to cost savings, quality-conscious commercial brewers will find this packaging offers several quality advantages over bottles or cans.

The product is a highly specialized stand-up beverage pouch, made with a unique blend of laminates including a sterile food service barrier layer and several ultra-strong plastic/foil substrates. 

When it comes to packaging your fine beverages, Incan(tm) has it in the bag.

The package is sold in three sizes: 16 ounce, 22 ounce, and 64 ounce.

Unlike juice or milk pouches currently available, this container is the only one on the market strong enough to contain carbonated beverages.

Unlike bottles or cans, Incan Brew-pouches protect beverages and may hold a carbonated product indefinitely.  This makes them a perfect fit for fine conditioned ales.

Incan Brew-pouches are made from recycled materials, theyre reusable (excellent for freezing fish and game) and recyclable. 

Brew-pouches are lighter than a can, they fold flat as a dime, and may be packed off a glacier more conveniently than any can or bottle.

Incan(tm) Your Competitive Advantage

Incan Brew-pouches are the first product of their kind to hit the market.  We view this as a significant competitive advantage for all our brewers.

Bottles and cans are the standard today, but brewers know they have inherent problems when it comes to protecting fine beverages that mature with age.  Our packaging method has been developed to overcome the common problems found in the standard.

Easy to use: May be filled manually or via automated lines.  No bottling line necessary.

Light Bleaching: The primary enemy of fine ale is light.  Glass is not a particularly good medium to store mature, conditioned ales.  To overcome this problem, Incan Brew-pouches are reflective gold and do not allow light to touch the product at any time.

Air Exposure: Unlike bottles, Incan Brew-pouches do not allow air gaps between the seal and the product; therefore the only gas in the pouch at any time is the natural CO2 from the brew.

Broken glass: Incan Brew pouches are not subject to shattering like glass containers

Deterioration: Unlike the barrier layer in aluminum cans, the Incan laminates do not allow flavor transference and are capable of holding the product indefinitely.

Versatility:  This product is capable of packaging carbonated soft drinks or beer of any kind.  Over 500 Million carbonated beverages are consumed every day around the world.  This product is ready to supply a strong market.

More SelectionThis product allows consumers more access to quality products (many brands previously only available by keg).

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